Brew Like A Champ: Cole Torode

Brew Like A Champ: Cole Torode
Dianne Eclar

We're helping you brew like a champ with recipes created by some of the best baristas in Canada. Just like the best baristas, the best coffee brewers present revolutionary ideas and delicious coffees in record time. The VacOne™ Air Brewer is the first brewer with VacTec®, a unique coffee extraction method that uses air to draw out the full flavour of coffee. This technology makes it possible to achieve cold brew in four minutes and hot coffee in 30 seconds.

Unbelievable? That's what most people thought when Cole Torode used a decaffeinated Gesha in his last competition set. Thinking outside the box has led the Rosso co-owner to win the 2018 and 2019 Canadian Barista Championship and become a two-time World Barista Championship finalist. Today we share his VacOne recipe so you can brew winning coffee at home!

2018 & 2019 Canadian Barista Champion and 2X World Barista Championship finalist Cole Torode using the VacOne Air Brewer

I used 20 grams of coffee and 350 grams of water. The coffee was ground slightly finer than I would for a French Press.

  1. First I placed the VacOne on the decanter to create the seal
  2. Then I added my 20 grams of coffee
  3. I poured 150 grams of water and stirred for 5 seconds

    Cole Torode pouring hot water into VacOne Air Brewer and then engaging the vacuum

  4. I then poured to 350 grams of water
  5. After 30 seconds (we're at about 45 seconds now) I stirred two more full laps
  6. Then I placed the lid on the VacOne and engaged the vacuum

Cole Torode pushing the VacOne button to stop the brewer

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