Brew Like A Champ: Karine Ng

Close-up of Karine Ng's hand swirling the VacOne carafe of coffee
Dianne Eclar

Think the VacOne is only good for cold brew? Think again. With its patent-pending VacTec® brewing technology, the VacOne™ Air Brewer delivers smoother hot coffee and faster cold brew in the same device. Get straight to your brew with these straightforward recipes by Canadian coffee champs!

Before being a champion of coffee, Karine Ng was a student of kinesiology and biomechanics. Her career in sports analysis research would soon be eclipsed by the roles she would hold in coffee–like being a four-time finalist at the Canadian Barista Championship and the Quality Director at Phil & Sebastian. Now you can brew like Karine with this recipe she developed for the VacOne!

Karine Ng sitting at the table with the VacOne and an almond croissant

Here’s the recipe:

  1. 25g coffee at med-fine (similar to a pour-over)
  2. 350g-380g water @ 203F
  3. I used a gooseneck kettle to continuously pour in circles, giving some agitation to the coffee at a consistent pour rate
  4. All water added @ 45sec-50sec
  5. Put lid on
  6. Press the draw down button @ 1:20
  7. Swirl coffee & enjoy :)

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