Montréal Barista Wins 2021 Canadian AeroPress Championship

Montréal Barista Wins 2021 Canadian AeroPress Championship
Dianne Eclar
CALGARY, AB., September 29, 2021 – Pedro Furtado, barista and co-founder of Café Zezin in Montréal, is the winner of the 2021 Canadian AeroPress Championship. 27 competitors created recipes with the official coffee from Rabbit Hole Roasters and submitted them for the virtual competition that was live-streamed from the Eight Ounce headquarters on Saturday, September 25. Volunteer baristas in Calgary followed the competitors’ recipes and a panel of judges representing the city’s top coffee companies selected their favourite brew. Natasha Yumasheva from Apex Coffee Imports and Henryk Przychodzki from Neon Coffee Roasters took home second and third place, respectively.

Maintaining the structure of in-person AeroPress competitions, multiple rounds of three competitors were carried out and judges selected the winner of each round in a blind taste test. Rabbit Hole supplied the official coffee to competitors across Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Québec, as well as during the event. The panel of judges composed of coffee community leaders Kitty Chan (Sought and Found Coffee Roasters), Géraldine Deverly (Monogram Coffee), and David Kim (David Kim Coffee) cupped through various brews of Rabbit Hole’s Shoondhisa, a naturally processed coffee from Shakiso, Guji in Ethiopia, until the Canadian champion was named.

Furtado previously won second place at the 2019 Canadian AeroPress Championship, which took place at Stackt Market in Toronto, ON. In March 2022, he will represent Canada for the first time at the World AeroPress Championship in Melbourne, Australia.

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