CLEVER Dripper (Clear)

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A fool-proof and inexpensive full-immersion method of brewing coffee, this little gem is as familiar as a drip machine - it uses #4 filters - and is simple to use. The resulting coffee retains much of the delicious body of a French press, but does away with the sediment.

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  • Description
  • Specs
  • Method

    A fool-proof and inexpensive full-immersion method of brewing coffee, this little gem is as familiar as a drip machine - it uses #4 filters - and is as simple to use as a French press.

    The resulting coffee retains much of the delicious body of a French press, but does away with the sediment. The steep-and-release mechanism means that you can accurately control the brewing, and extract the coffee directly into your mug with no mess.

    And at this price, it's about one of the best value brewers you can find.

    • Bilingual Packaging
    • Requires a standard #4 filter
    • Practical Capacity: 500ml (16.9oz)
    • Heat-resistant, durable and BPA-free Eastman Tritan™ copolyester
    • Made in Taiwan
  • The recipe:
    Dose: 18.5g | Water weight: 310g | Ratio: 16.75 : 1 | Brew time: 2:30

    Prep protocol

    1. Fill kettle to maximum volume, and set to boil (100°C / 212°F)
    2. Carefully fold seams of paper filter to allow filter to sit flush in the dripper
    3. Rinse the filter with hot water to remove paper taste and also to heat the brewer
    4. Empty water from dripper, place on scale, tare

    Brewing protocol

    1. Add boiling water (100°C / 212°F) to full weight (310g)
    2. Add coffee grinds to the water, start timer
    3. Use spoon to break-up all dry clumps while stirring the grinds to ensure a full saturation
    4. Cap the brewer with the lid no later than 0:25 to steep until 1:10
    5. At 1:10 remove cap
    6. Break crust by stirring with spoon, pulling residual grounds off of the filter walls, and stir two full rotations
    7. Place dripper on top of carafe/cup to activate drain-valve while stirring 4 more times to initiate a vortex, replace lid, and wait for coffee to fully drain
    8. At 2:30 remove lid to check water level (all brewing water should be drained, but it may go as long as 2:45)
    9. Enjoy!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
A. (British Columbia, Canada)
The best entry level brewing tool

This brewer unlocks the easiest way to brew delicious specialty coffee with consistent quality every single time. And you do not even need a gooseneck kettle!

J. (Alberta, Canada)

I bought this as a gift for a family member who had been looking at a similar looking device without the valve. The valve adds functionality and versatility, and it works well. My mom likes immersion style coffee and this allows for something similar to a french press, but is much easier to clean up. I suppose you could also use it as a pour over if you placed the dripper directly on your mug or carafe.

T. (Alberta, Canada)
Simple and Consistent

This little gadget makes a great mug of coffee (check for the james hoffman ultimate clever video). It is consistent and reliable. The Clever is also the perfect workplace coffee companion. when selecting filters i find that the Kalita 103 filters are worth the extra coin.

Sue M. (Alberta, Canada)
Clever Dripper Works!

I did some research online having decided to change my coffee methodology to pour over. Everything lead me to the Clever Dripper being a very efficient and forgiving starting point. The reviewers were not wrong. The price point is reasonable and it works as advertised. Recommend.

Richard S. (Alberta, Canada)
Clever is the best manual brewer yet!

I have a V60 a French press an aeropress a mocha pot and now the clever. The clever in my opinion is the best of these. It has all the flavours and benefits of the immersion in the French press without the sludge. I like clean coffee. The volume of one brew is perfect for my morning coffee. It’s easy to use and clean. I love this thing!

Mike (Alberta, Canada)
Best of the rest?

Over the holidays, I upped my coffee game big time. Breville Dual Boiler, Varia VS3, Timemore Black Mirror Nano timer, Stagg Pro Studio kettle, glassware of varying sorts, and on and on and on. Thank you Nick F. and Eight Ounce for your patience and incredible guidance. It was a very slippery slope, but a massively fun one…

Anyway, in addition to all the espresso oriented gear I acquired, I added to my trusty AeroPress and Chemex, by picking up a Switch, Clever and V-60 Mugen.

In my hands, the AeroPress still comes out on top, reigning supreme over every other alternative. Taste, consistency, ease of use, tolerance to changed variables (bean, grind, water temp, weight of coffee/beans, bloom time, immersion time, etc.) - the AeroPress is still #1 for me.

That said, since most of these alternatives were bought new over the holidays, these are very early days. I still don’t have much mileage in on the Clever (and other alternatives). Perhaps my technique/approach will improve over time.

For now, I find that compared to the same bean in the AeroPress, coffee made with the Clever (and Switch) tastes a little burnt. Charred. Starbucks-like. Filter coffee - made with the same bean, water temp and grind, using the Chemex or V60 - tastes much more delicate and nuanced to me, and certainly not burnt. But the trusty AeroPress still tastes the best to me, balancing body and complexity beautifully. Aesthetically, it’s a fail. But otherwise, the AeroPress is shockingly good. Time after time.

Is it my grind? Am I in the wheelhouse grind-wise for the AeroPress but not for the Clever or V60? Immersion time? Water temp? Are my beans being over extracted with the Clever or Switch? Or is this simply the character taste, that others may actually love?

Who knows, but I’m about to find out! Clearly I have lots to learn, and I am looking forward to continuing with the journey I am on. It’s been a great experience so far.

And the beauty is that the investment with the Clever (or Switch, or V60, or AeroPress) is less than a burger and a beverage at your local pub. The risk is nonexistent, and the fun and excitement are limitless.

The awesome thing about the Clever, compared to my size 2 Switch, is that it’s significantly larger. I should have bought the size 3 Switch, which is about the same size as the Clever. Oh well. First world problems.

As others have mentioned, the Clever is a good foolproof alternative for a decent cup after a long, sleepless night of whatever. Straightforward to use, but I still need to drill into all the untapped potential that I know lies within.

My morning brewer

You cant go wrong with this brewer. Its one of the most consistent brewers available in the market. The only thing is finding decent quality melita type filters is not that easy,

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