Fellow Stagg Double Wall Carafe

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The Fellow Double Wall Carafe is the perfect companion to the Fellow Stagg Pour-Over Dripper. Brew multiple cups for friends, or make a large batch of coffee for one.

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  • The perfect companion to Stagg Pour-Over Dripper. Brew multiple cups for friends, or make a large batch of coffee for one. Use the ratio aid alongside Stagg Dripper’s ratio aid for the perfect coffee-to-water ratio.

    The Details:

    Double wall glass allows for longer heat retention and no exterior condensation. Hand blown borosilicate glass – the Arnold Schwarzenegger of glass. Ratio Aid – Never guess how much water to add. The first dot means you’ve hit one serving, the second dot means you’ve hit two servings. The ratio aid dots correlate to Stagg Dripper’s ratio aid for the perfect coffee-to-water ratio. Silicone lid included to keep your coffee hot longer. Carafe comfortably holds 20 oz/.6 L at the double dots.

  • Specifications Coming Soon

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
T.R. (Ontario, Canada)
Great Carafe for Pourovers

Its very light weight and perfect for those few cups you want to make in the morning. The double walled glass is a step up from the old Hario I started with. My only problem with it sometimes is that it feels like it will slip but this is more an ergonomics issue as I have small hands.

Steve (Ontario, Canada)
Enhancing Your Pour-Over Game

It keeps my brew at that sweet spot of warmth. If you're serious about your coffee, this is the one to get. It's a must-have for anyone who appreciates a good cup

Mattias (British Columbia, Canada)
Works Great

I love this carafe. It looks great next to my fellow stagg glasses and it keeps my coffee hot longer than I expected... long enough for me to finish a cup and have another and I drink my coffee pretty slow. Also, fits my V60 switch perfectly. My only wish is that the spout poured a little more smoothly.

P.V.I. (New Brunswick, Canada)

I found that the cover caused the carafe to drip until I started to press on it as I poured. This stopped the dribbling. Great looking though.

J (British Columbia, Canada)
Looks fantastic

I use this for weekend mornings when I want to relax and sip on a pourover all morning, and as well as keeping it warm for a long time, it's a beautiful object that makes me happy to use.
The silicone lid fits nicely and is easy to remove.

Keath (British Columbia, Canada)
Perfect carafe

I use this every day, makes two cups of perfect coffee and keeps the second cup warm while i am drinking my fist cup.

Kevin (Ontario, Canada)
Great Upgrade to Your Average Carafe

I have been a classic Hario carafe guy for years, but their glass is pretty thin, not particularly insulated, and prone to breaking... (or I am just a klutz). This has so far been a nice step up from my previous carafes. The heat retention is great, the glass feels heavy, the lid is functional, and because it has no plastic collaring, it is easy to clean. The pictures don't really show this, but it is fairly stout, it doesn't feel too tall on my scale or on my table. The stoutness does make the neck fairly large to grab.

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