The Physics of Filter Coffee

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The Physics of Filter Coffee by Jonathan Gagné discusses such topics as; percolation, extraction, grinding, water chemistry, kettle design, the impact of fines on percolation, paper filters, and brewer geometry. Full of practical tips for baristas and home brewers, readers will learn new ways to make better coffee.

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  • The Physics of Filter Coffee by astrophysicist Jonathan Gagné is perhaps the most significant book ever written on the science of coffee brewing. In the book Jonathan discusses the physics of percolation, extraction, and grinding, as well as water chemistry. He takes the reader down such rabbit holes as pouring-kettle design, optimizing turbulence while pouring, the impact of fines on percolation, the physics of paper filters, and the geometry of various brewers. He also presents some original ideas about coffee brewing and backs it all up with reams of facts and data.

    The most wonderful thing about The Physics of Filter Coffee is not the impressive depth of the science, but the practical lessons Jonathan draws from the science. Unlike, say, Illy's Espresso: the Science of Quality, an impressive treatise on the science of espresso, The Physics of Filter Coffee offers an abundance of practical recommendations derived from science, data, and experimentation. Any barista who reads this book will immediately have new tools to make better coffee.

    • Author: Jonathan Gagné
    • Editor: Jean Zimmer
    • Contributor: Rebecca Neimark
    • Publisher: Scott Rao Coffee Books, 2021
    • ISBN: 0-578-24608-2

science scientist book chemistry

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
J.L. (Ohio, United States)
Superb deep dive

Love that Gagne doesn’t shy away from getting technical about coffee, brewing methods, and equipment. Not much practical instructions but it’s not meant to be that. Instead you are given tool to help deepen your understanding which may help guide your own technique in brewing coffee.

S.D. (Quebec, Canada)
my husband loves his book

he spent the whole holidays reading it before bed, and was so excited about the things he was learning. there is enough nerdy data for those who want and enough well-summarized and explained information for those who can't haha!

Ron R. (Ohio, United States)
Extensive and Deep Book

This is a great reference book for the how behind filter coffee. It goes into considerable detail regarding the Physics behind brewing coffee. I will say that although well written, it is fairly technical in nature. Some might not like that much of a technical deep dive. For me, it is right up my alley. I'd like to emphasize that although technical, it is written in such a way so as to make it a good read. I strongly recommend the book. This is a recognized reliable source of information from a key figure in the coffee & scientific worlds. Well done!

Rhyan H. (Alberta, Canada)
Deep dive

This book is a well written deep dive into the physics of coffee. He presents many formulas and explains them well, but if you are math formula averse I might suggest you look in a different direction. On the other hand, if you don’t mind a bit of brain work this book is a gem!

Anonymous (British Columbia, Canada)
Great book

If you are a coffee nerd, you can’t miss this book.

Patrick R. (British Columbia, Canada)
Perfect book for a coffee nerd

A ton of really interesting, useful information… I can already taste how much better my coffee will be by the time I’m done reading this!

J.B. (New Brunswick, Canada)
Extremely interesting!

A very dense book on pourovers, and the technicalities of brewing a nice cup of coffee.
He is decently concise and elucidates incredibly well so I never felt too confused. I enjoy that he indulges me with how he found his information and how I may replicate it if I so decided to do son with even cost efficient ways to do so.
While some of his advice I will have to wait before I find myself really going into, mostly those on water, I found its really made me consider the whys when it came to all of my actions in a pourover. I feel more in the know when I am doing a coffee.

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