Brew Like A Champ: Ben Put

Four-time World Barista Championship finalist Ben Put with the VacOne Air Brewer
Dianne Eclar

Sweltering heat one day, hail the next. Be ready for fluctuating temperatures with the VacOne™ Air Brewer. It uses air to brew coffee, resulting in a smoother cup of hot coffee and the fastest glass of cold brew you have ever made. To help you become a more versatile home brewer, we're sharing VacOne recipes created by some of the most versatile baristas in Canada.

Ben Put is no stranger to the coffee community. For five consecutive years he was the Canadian Barista Champion starting from 2013. On the world stage, he has represented Canada and was a four-time finalist at the World Barista Championship. One of the co-founders of Monogram Coffee, Ben has also been coach to other baristas around the world, mentoring them to become champs in their own right.

Here's how to brew like Ben!

(L) Ben Put holding the VacOne; (R) Hot water being poured into VacOne

I decided to try to emulate a cupping brew. The coffee grounds act like a filter when the coffee passes through the coffee bed. This creates a cleaner cup than a typical french press or cupping bowl, but it still has lots of body.

  1. Start with 20g of coffee ground slightly coarser than a pourover.
  2. Place in the VacOne and give it a bit of a swirl to make sure the coffee is evenly distributed.
  3. Start timer.

    (L) Ground coffee in VacOne; (R) Hot water being poured over ground coffee

  4. Using 204F water start pouring vigorously at an angle that will create a bit of a current within the brewer. This will ensure that all the grounds are evenly saturated and create a crust with even thickness.
  5. Wait.
  6. At 3 minutes gently break the crust with a cupping spoon and turn on the vacuum.

    (L) Vigorously pouring hot water over ground coffee; (R): Breaking the crust with a cupping spoon

  7. Watch the grounds and once all the visible liquid has passed through, turn off the brewer.
  8. The vacuum method does dissolve some CO2 into the coffee (you can see the little bubbles after brewing) so give it a good stir with a spoon before enjoying!

    (L) Turning off the VacOne; (R) Close-up of brewed coffee with tiny bubbles in VacOne carafe

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