Eight Ounce in the Community

We love being a part of great things! We're so lucky to live in a country with a high standard of living, and work in an industry that supports diversity and inclusiveness. As a successful company, we feel it's our duty to give back to our community through donations and volunteer hours, be a part of groups pushing our city forward, and do our part towards cutting our carbon emissions.

Here are some of the great organisations we support:


Bullfrog Power

Bullfrog Green Energy

Our Calgary warehouse, showroom and offices are 100% wind powered by Bullfrog Power. We pay more for our utilities to ensure that we are using green, clean, renewable energy. Bullfrog also funds new clean energy projects across Canada.


UPS Carbon Neutral Shipping

UPS Carbon Neutral Shipping

The nature of our business means we ship a lot of packages. And shipping has an environmental impact. We've partnered with UPS to offset the carbon of every package and all freight we send out. We pay an additional fee on our shipping charges to make our shipments carbon neutral, and UPS uses that contribution to support projects such as the Garcia River Forest in the United States, Fujian Landfill Gas in China, La Pradera Landfill Gas in Colombia, and Cholburi Wastewater Biogas-to-Energy in Thailand. 


Inn from the Cold

Inn from the Cold

Inn from the Cold provides shelter, meals, and support to homeless children and their families in Calgary. When we hold an event at Eight Ounce, we collect needed items for the shelter. Our team also volunteers in their kitchen a few times a year. 


Specialty Coffee Association of Canada

Specialty Coffee Association of Canada

SCA Canada is the Canadian National Chapter of the Specialty Coffee Association. Not only did one of the owners of Eight Ounce serve on the board of SCA Canada, but as a company we are also very involved in sponsoring and organising the many events that take place throughout the year such as Barista Competition, Cup Tasters, Brewers Cup and many others. 


Specialty Coffee Association Member

Specialty Coffee Association

We have been members of the SCA since we first started Eight Ounce. The Specialty Coffee Association is a nonprofit, membership-based organization that represents thousands of coffee professionals, from producers to baristas all over the world. Built on foundations of openness, inclusivity, and the power of shared knowledge, the SCA acts as a unifying force within the specialty coffee industry – invested in creating a worldwide circle of like-minded professionals.

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