The FIORENZATO AllGround Grinders - Which is best for you?

The FIORENZATO AllGround Grinders - Which is best for you?
Dina Ibrahim
FIORENZATO, a brand that has over 80 years of commercial expertise in specialty coffee grinders, has designed a range of high-end grinders for your home called the AllGround collection. These grinders have been designed to be easily used, and as FIORENZATO describes it, “the AllGround is a moment of supreme refinement which combines the magic of ritual with the sharpest technology.”  
The Italian Brewers Cup and Barista Champion, Giacomo Vannelli, says that the AllGround 'is positioned right in the middle between a high-performance professional coffee grinder and a domestic coffee grinder... It can be used at home but is also suitable for low-volume coffeeshops,' and that it is a grinder 'clearly designed by baristas for baristas and professionals, without forgetting the coffee lover who wants to become a pro while seeking a high-quality product.'
Throughout this blog post, we’ll be comparing each grinder in depth to help you decide if it’s the right fit for your needs. Before we get started, here’s an overview chart going over the features of the AllGround Grinders:


With the AllGround Coffee Grinder you can grind for different brew methods like espresso, Moka pot, and filter brew using a visually intuitive touchscreen. The touch screen changes colour according to the mode and includes an icon for reference: Espresso with red and a portafilter icon, Moka with blue and a Moka Pot icon, and lastly Filter with green and a pour over icon. The grinder burrs are meticulously fashioned from M340 steel and features a black coating composed of titanium, aluminum, carbon and nitrogen, to ensure durability that surpasses standard burrs by five times, as confirmed through extensive laboratory testing.
To eliminate vibration and noise, the casing of the AllGround was thoughtfully engineered so you can have peace of mind that fresh grinds are acceptable at any hour. Additionally, it's easy to clean. All in all, it's a great-looking grinder, styled with a gorgeous touchscreen interface comprised of visual cues that are highly intuitive.
The FIORENZATO AllGround Sense Coffee Grinder is the same as just the AllGround grinder but with more! For just a little bit more, this grinder comes with integrated scale technology that is the ultimate precision grinding experience for home baristas and coffee enthusiasts. Not only that, but the Sense’s burrs have a lifetime of 3,000 Kg as compared to 1,400 kg in the basic AllGround.
The AllGround ProBrew was designed specifically for filter brewing perfection. This grinder has Dark-T burrs and a tailored geometry, delivering an impeccable grind every time. With a minimal 0.1 - 0.2 grams retention rate, each pour promises a burst of freshness, allowing the distinct coffee flavours to shine through. With a similar touchscreen, and burrs constructed with the same metal used in the other AllGrounds, the ProBrew is the Ultimate Filter Brew coffee grinder.
FIORENZATO is a company that has mastered their craft. They produce incredible grinders which are amazing purchases no matter which model you choose. The most important thing to consider when buying a grinder is your needs, time, and the amount of control you would like to have. If you have any questions on the grinders, please feel free to contact us and speak  to one of our coffee professionals.
As an added bonus, get 10% off the AllGround and AllGround Sense when purchased with the LUCCA M58 or X58. Find out more here.
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