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Morning was founded in 2018 by specialty coffee pioneers, Leon Foo and Andre Chanco, who were united not just by their fanatical obsession with all things coffee, but a shared fascination with innovation, technology and how it was shaping the industry landscape.

They witnessed the rise of popularity of coffee capsules amongst independent roasters, who saw the format as a consistent and reliable way to share their coffees with a wider audience. Allowing them to better manage shipping costs and keeping beans fresher and shelf-stable. But despite more people putting better coffees in capsules, there were still limited options when it came to machines and most commercial machines didn't seem to fully express the breadth of flavours that specialty coffee afforded.

Thus the Morning Machine was born, spurred by a vision to make delicious coffees accessible to a wider audience by serving individuals on both sides of the counter. Translating decades of coffee knowledge into features that respect better quality pods to deliver an amazing cup to coffee lovers who may not have the know-how or bandwidth for more tedious coffee brewing methods.

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