Fresh Roasted Coffee and Tea

You can support coffee roasters and tea merchants during this unprecedented time. Add a bag of fresh coffee or a tin of tea to your order, and do your part to help these companies survive.

As our new normal amid COVID-19 continues to set in, it is becoming clear just how detrimental the consequences may be for all of our wholesale partners running cafes, roasteries or other small businesses. 

As part of our commitment to implement real solutions to help other small businesses during this time, and as a way to bring great coffee and other items direct to you to brew (or steep!) in the comfort of your own home, we have created this partner program. 

We will continue to add additional coffees and products as they become available, so check back often, and help support the small coffee community by adding one of these items to your cart for purchase. 

With an ever changing rotation of coffee coming in, roast dates are always changing. We suggest that to receive the best flavour profile, coffee should be consumed within 6-weeks of its roast date, however, coffee doesn’t expire. With age, coffee will oxidize and you may notice a loss of vibrancy with this exposure to oxygen, or you might notice the flavours flattening. However, we have had some pretty excellent tasting coffee even 10 weeks after roast date! Beauty, after all, is in the eye of the barista.

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