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A collaboration between April Coffee Roasters of Copenhagen, Denmark, and design company Serax, comes the lovely porcelain April Pour-Over Brewer. A new and innovative pour-over brewer that's easy to use and allows everyone to brew better-tasting coffee. We recommend the Kalita 185 filters to pair with this brewer.

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    From April Coffee Roasters of Copenhagen, Denmark comes the lovely April Porcelain Brewer. A innovative pourover brewer that's easy to use and allows everyone to brew better-tasting coffee. Created to keep up with the modern progression of coffee roasting, it's designed to allow you to extract the most out of your coffee, focusing on balance and sweetness at all temperatures.

    A unique flat bottom structure regulates the flow rate to produce a consistently sweet and balanced taste experience. Brew directly into your cup or into a larger server for sharing.

    At World Brewers Cup 2019, the April Ceramic Brewer scored the highest cup score in the competition and contributed to a silver medal overall.

    • APRIL Porcelain Brewer ONLY
    • Made in Bavaria, Germany at a factory that specializes in high-end porcelain manufacturing
    • Each unit is made in individual molds. With a limited production each month.
    • Base of the brewer is slightly curved to improve flow rate and consistency
    • Paper Filters sold separately - We recommend April Paper Filters or Kalita Wave 185 Filter

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Scott (Ontario, Canada)
Very nice ceramic dripper.

I got this as a way to experiment with a large hole design dripper that still takes the 185 wave filters I have so many of. Thought it may be more adaptable to lighter roasts. It can go fast or slow and produce a nice cup. Like all items coffee it seems there is a learning curve before your technique catches up with your kit.
It Is a lovely dripper to behold, to hold and to use and I look forward to developing my technique with this.
It seems a bit pricier than many other brewers but it is also very high quality and does not disappoint.
Have no magic advice...only it seems that it is all in how consistent your pouring technique is...So after I have made my coffee sometimes I will refill the kettle and just make a bunch of pours into the spent grounds which has benefitted me and the April makes that nice and easy. Tho I did stall it one time generally it allows many practice pours that mimic Money pours on fresh grounds.

Dapper I. (California, United States)
Excellent Brewer

Great Brewer similar to the Kalita, but with the april Brewer you can grind a little Coarser if you desire a cleaner cup with clarity.

Danny S. (California, United States)

Overall this is a great new brewer developed by Patrick over at April Coffee. For the longest time, I've been using the same brewing method and decided to pull the trigger on the April Brewer. It's so much fun learning new ways to brew coffee and the aesthetics of this brewer are awesome. I would recommend this to the coffee pro/enthusiast.

Simar S. (Ontario, Canada)
A game changer

I was looking for a brewer that could help me explore light roasted coffee and I picked up the April brewer. I typically brew on a v60 and this brewer added a new dimension to the coffee. I love the presentation and the simplicity of the brewing process my recipe using the fellow ode is 13g of coffee ground at one notch past 3 and 100g circle pour in 10s of filtered 94c water then a 45 second wait and another 100g circle pour in 10s for a final draw down around 2:30 to 3 min depending on the coffee and roast. The result is a great morning cup that lets me experience what the single origin had to offer. My only criticism is that the lid for the cup is difficult to hang on to but it does enhance the experience enough that I decided to put a elastic band around it to give me a better purchase of it. Overall it's a great way to experience new coffee.

Kevin R. (British Columbia, Canada)

After a bunch of frustrating brews where one or more holes of my Kalita clogged, I bought this awesome dripper. Not the cheapest dripper out there but I'm getting super consistently delicious cups and having a blast experimenting with various pouring techniques including the aggressive center pour recommended by Patrick Rolf. I wasn't initially thrilled about the cup/lid/saucer accessories that come with the dripper but after a few brews I actually dig them, and the lid does a surprisingly great job of holding in the heat. The whole setup looks beautiful too, for you instagram influencers. Essentially a Kalita updated for modern roasting and pouring techniques. Supposedly they're coming out with their own paper filters soon, but in the meantime Kalita 185 filters are working perfectly.

Simon (British Columbia, Canada)
Amazing brewer

The brewer looks very nice and works well. The coffee I brew have much better sweetness using April's brew method. The only complaint I have is the ceramic may have cosmetic defects, which I did not like. 8oz thankfully did allow me to get a replacement. The base of the brewer does not sit evenly and feels unstable even though it is, doesn't really affect the brew but it makes me a little bit anxious. I would recommend.

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