HARIO Kasuya Mini Drip Kettle (300ml/10.1oz)

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HARIO makes it easy to brew with the Kasuya Mini Drip Kettle. The narrow spout maintains a steady stream that allows you to control agitation and direct the flow of the water. As a dedicated pouring kettle, it has an open top for quick filling from a hot water tower or traditional kettle.

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    This pour-over kettle makes it easy to brew one cup of coffee - perfect for a late afternoon brew! The narrow spout maintains a steady slow stream that allows you to control agitation while you direct the flow of the water over your coffee bed, ensuring you have the potential to get the most out of your coffee. As a dedicated pouring kettle, it has an open top for quick filling from a hot water tower or traditional kettle. Now enough of that technical stuff, start pouring!

    Part of the HARIO World Barista Collaboration collection.

    • World Brewers Cup Champion Approved
    • SIZE: W165 x D90 x H100 x ⌀70mm (6.5 x 3.5 x 4 x ⌀2.8in)
    • CAPACITY: Practical Capacity 300ml (10.1oz)
    • WEIGHT: Approx. 198g (7oz)
    • MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
    • Not for use on direct heat
    • Made in China
    1. Heat Water to Desired Temperature e.g. 93°C (200°F) with Your Stove Top or Electric Kettle
    2. Prepare Coffee with Your Matching HARIO V60-02 Kasuya Black Ceramic Dripper
    3. Fill Kettle with Hot Water
    4. Make Coffee Like a World Champion
    5. Enjoy Delicious Coffee

    HARIO Kasuya Mini Drip Kettle (300ml/10.1oz) - User Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
N.O. (British Columbia, Canada)
Recommended for pourovers

This kettle is great for controlled pours when making pourover coffee. If you are struggling with pouring (water coming out too fast, too much agitation from water flow or simply find it hard to use a large kettle), this is a great option. The kettle is very light weight and the water comes in slow and small streams. At max water flow, you are still able to aggressively agitate the coffee ground if that is what you want.

Due to the small mass, your water will not lose too much heat so, maybe a few degrees. You would have to adjust the water temperature beforehand if you want a specific temperature.

Make sure to only use water on the kettle. The paint is a little fragile, so I don't recommend doing any stirring within the kettle or the paint will chip away.

While the kettle is very small and cute, the handle might be too small for larger handed people. I don't think a full grip on the handle is possible but since it is very light weight, you can still have enough control with just a few fingers for grip.

Other than some cons, this is my go to kettle for pourover coffee.

Michael (Ontario, Canada)
Accurate and easy to use

Great design. The goose neck shape and spout angle ensures a very precise water flow rate when making pour over coffee. You can use it with any pour over brewer and pairs especially well with the Hario V2 Kasuya model brewer or the 01 server set.

atina (Ontario, Canada)

I got this one because I don't particularly need another kettle in my kitchen. It's the perfect size! The matte black is so beautiful.
Small and light, easy to keep.
Highly recommend!

Juan-Roger S. (Quebec, Canada)

Small, light, gorgeous and does the job :)

Frank (Ontario, Canada)

quality is really good and the balance is on point

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