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Onyx - Tropical Weather: Anaerobic & Washed, Ethiopia (283g)

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Tasting Notes: Mixed Berries, Sweet Tea, Raw Honey, Plum

Tropical Weather is a seasonal blend that celebrates coffees from Onyx's favourite coffee producing country: Ethiopia. They take a fresh washed offering that provides delicate florals and juicy texture, and incorporate a natural processed coffee that promotes pungent fruits and natural sugars. The result is indeed better than the sum of its parts. If you miss the long days of summer then Tropical Weather is your cup of sunshine. With a floral aroma, notes of berries and plum, along with the tannins and sweetness of sweet tea, you'll be leaving the house wearing shorts all year long.

coffee bag size Quantity: 284g
coffee format Format: Roasted Whole Bean
coffee country of origin Origin: Ethiopia
coffee origin type Origin Type: Single Origin
coffee region Region: Gigesa & Gera
coffee producer/farm Producer: Multiple producers
coffee variety Variety: Various
coffee farm altitude Altitude: 1900 meters
caffeine level Caffeine: Full Caffeine
coffee brew method Brew Method: Filter or Espresso
coffee roast levelRoast Level: Light
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Justin (California, United States)

Nice, light, and fruity coffee.

Kelvin D. (Ontario, Canada)
A must try

100% recommended.

Can taste every note clearly using a fellow ode gen 1 with SSP unimodal burrs.

The oddest thing is that the box and overall packaging feel too nice for coffee no matter how good the coffee is.

Hao N. (Alberta, Canada)
Comfortable but unique

It works as an espresso but really shine in pour over or Aeropress. Strangely to me, it smells very tea like with similar mouth feel to drinking black tea. The mango note on this is huge, I can really really taste mango and it's very sweet and comfortable with very low acidity. I would honestly make someone a cup of this as a gateway to specialty coffee, it's easy to drink, very sweet and just the right amount of exotic.

Chris W. (Oregon, United States)

It’s not bad, but I’m having a hard time tasting all the flavor notes.

Euri V. (Alberta, Canada)
Tropical Weather

Nice coffee! Not as crisp as I would have expected but still good, mellow and medium brightness.

S.A. (Ontario, Canada)
Fantastic coffee

Incredibly tasty coffee if you're into more fruity adventurous cups. My only issue was that it is advertised as a blend of anaerobic and washed ethiopian beans on the eight ounce website whereas on the actual box as well as the onyx website, it says it is a blend of washed/natural beans.

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