SAINT ANTHONY INDUSTRIES Atlantis Hyper Pure Ceramic Cup

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Inspired by the use of ultra-lightweight ceramic insulation in NASA space shuttles, S.A.I. has partnered with M² Labs to bond a feather-light, inert ceramic into Atlantis, a historic line of rugged, on-the-move insulative drink ware.

Colour: Lunar cream
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    Move beyond stainless steel for a pure, uncontaminated drinking experience. Inspired by the use of ultra-lightweight ceramic insulation in NASA space shuttles, M² Labs has employed new technology to bond a feather-light, inert ceramic to a nearly unbreakable ultra insulative structure, resulting in the patent-pending, Ceramic Clad Thermal Protection System.

    S.A.I. has partnered with M² Labs to integrate this technology into a historic line of rugged, on-the-move insulative drink wares.

    • Volume: 355ml (12oz)
    • Height with lid: 121mm (4.76in)
    • Diameter: 73mm (2.87in)
    • Weight: 117g (4.1oz)
    1. Brew
    2. Fill
    3. Enjoy a long-lasting, hot (or cold) drinking experience.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Martin D. (Quebec, Canada)
OMG they are great!

These are defenetly our favorite ''to go'' cups. They look great, feel great and keep your coffee temperature stable for so long.


Great company, great selection and fast shipping

K.A. (Alberta, Canada)
Best daily driver mug for speciality coffee. Minor caveats.

I didn't get the mug through here but from a local coffee shop/roaster that was selling merch with this and the their branded logo on this.

- Lightweight construction
- Holds more liquid than you realize (it's 12oz but id doesn't look like that at all)
- Easy to clean
- Pure cermaics which won't affect your drink
- Good length of keeping hot/cold items at their preferred temperatures (About 5h for hot, longer for cold)
- Inside and out has a resistance to wetness and will dry relatively quickly with a few shakes.

- Sometimes scratches easily inside or outside. So no way to recoat if if it goes wrong(if handwashing only ever use the sponge/soft side)
- If adding something in your cup to mix, must use something non-abrasive to prevent scratching (like a plastic spoon or such)
- No other capacity sizes.

Overall, it's an amazing mug that's so good you can even replace it as your normal drinkware when at home since I find it's so good to use on the daily. While keeping things hot and lightweight, I don't have to worry about it cooling off my coffee too quick and can still enjoy it an hour or two from then. Great construction, but still needs work on the "rugged" aspect of this since even light scratches started appearing after more than 6+ months of daily usage.

ST (Ontario, Canada)
Looks and feels great but scratches too easily

I like the feel and slim profile of the ceramic cup. Unfortunately, I placed the ceramic cup with my glass lunch container in my lunch bag and discovered when eating my lunch at work that the ceramic cup's exterior was scratched. I was very disappointed to see that the brand new ceramic cup's exterior was ruined. The ceramic cup functions well and keeps my drink warm for longer periods but I can't take it with me to work unless I get a sleeve for it which I wanted to avoid when purchasing a travel tumbler like this one. I will use the ceramic cup at home. Please find a way to ensure that the exterior doesn't scratch so easily when stored with other products.

R. (British Columbia, Canada)
My go to cup

Why I like it - Doesn’t negatively impact the taste of your coffee like other steel mugs. Insulated enough. Just don’t expect it to be the same level as a double wall vacuum insulated cup. The outside does get warm a bit. But still comfortable to hold. Looks good on the table. Nice simple design. No big logo. Thin like a regular drinking glass, but more durable and lighter. Weighs around 165 grams. Feels like drinking from a regular cup. Easy to clean.

Kaye (Alberta, Canada)
One word - AMAZING!

Hope you get more in stock

Manuel (Alberta, Canada)
Great reusable mug

Good quality
Great tasting coffee

Coffee cools quickly
Does not seal

A perfect option if you're drinking your coffee relatively quickly and the mug is sitting on a table or in your cup holder. If you want a fully sealed option or something that keeps coffee hot for hours, look elsewhere.

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