COMANDANTE C40 Nitro Blade (Mk4)

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The C40 Nitro Blade Mk4 is a robust high performance hand coffee grinder with an advanced precision burr set design. With a grind quality and consistency that matches some of the best home burr grinders, even at an espresso grind setting, the C40 may well be the best hand coffee grinder on the market.

Colour: Liquid amber
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    Built for true coffee enthusiasts and specialty coffee connoisseurs, the C40 Nitro Blade is a robust high performance hand coffee grinder with an advanced precision burr set design. With a grind quality and consistency that matches some of the best home burr grinders, even at an espresso grind setting, the C40 may well be the best hand coffee grinder on the market. Detailed touches of the design show just how much thought went into this grinder. Easily adjustable grind settings that click into place in a satisfying manner, with pictograms that tell you everything you need to know.

    Thanks to some smart material science, reworked internals and an unbreakable polymer-glass Bean Jar, the Comandante® C40 Mk4 offers improved workflow, weight, and durability.

    • Available in a range of colourways
    • C40 Mk4 Nitro Blade Hand Coffee Grinder
    • Stainless Steel construction with wood veneer or coloured powder coating
    • Crank knob hand made from natural oak
    • Burr set machined from special patented stainless steel
    • Designed and Manufactured in Germany
    • Includes an extra jar and lid for transporting coffee
  • English User Manual (PDF - 3.5 MB)
    German User Manual (PDF - 3.8 MB)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Hanson D. (British Columbia, Canada)
Smooth Grind

Comparing against the competition, the Comandante C40 has a much smooth grind and even distribution.
White looks nicer in hand than online!

Mike (British Columbia, Canada)
I always come back to Commandante

Just purchased this again.

I’ve gone through like every 1zpresso, a few Timemore’s and for some reason always come back to this.

It’s not as fancy as some of the other handgrinders but it just does what you need perfectly.

Gaige M. (Alberta, Canada)
Exceeded Expectations

I decided to make the jump and purchase one of these grinders in Racing Green. Product packaging and unboxing experience was excellent, and the build quality is phenomenal. After a quick glance at the quick start guide for setting recommendations, I got straight to making coffee. I was a bit skeptical going into this purchase that I'd be able to notice a difference in my brews compared to my prior grinder, but I couldn't have been more wrong. Resulting cups from this grinder have been nothing short of exceptional. Sweet and well balanced, and best of all, consistent. While its not ideal to have to remove the catch cup to adjust grind sizes, over time its become a non-issue as I don't find myself changing it all that often. An upside to its grind size adjustment is the fact that most videos and roasters can make "click" recommendations for specific methods or roasts. In my testing I find it to be slower than most other hand grinders, but I feel like the additional 20-30 seconds of grinding has been worth it in the cup.

michael r. (Ontario, Canada)
Great Product

Got a Red Sonja version. Takes time but product is very good and grinder is solid.

Susan M. (Illinois, United States)
Husband loves it!

I purchased this grinder for my husband for Christmas. A friend recommended it to him and he couldn’t justify the cost, no matter how perfectly it grinds coffee beans. So I bought it for him. He is delighted! I don’t drink coffee but I do appreciate how much quieter it grinds the beans than his electric one. 😆

X.O.Q. (Quebec, Canada)
the best choice

The perfect product to make your coffee taste better

Keith W. (California, United States)
really nice

I have been using it at 24 clicks for pour overs; same as the shipped setting. The C40 produces a surprisingly different grind than the other grinders I have used. I would say that the grind is nicely uniform, but the surprising feature is that the ground coffee is very fluffy with much more volume. I would guess that the individual grounds have more surface area than with other grinders. Also surprising is that even very fine settings don't produce a grind that gives much resistance to the water flowing through my V60. Consequently, I've had to throw out my old rules of pouring techniques--still experimenting. So far, I find that 24 clicks gives the best taste. I finish my pour at two minutes and stop any remaining brewing at 3 minutes. The bottom line is that the coffee tastes fantastic, better than ever. My eyes popped out when I tasted the first cup.

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