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Marginalized baristas experience financial hardship at a higher rate. With limited access to tools and resources, it's significantly harder for them to develop their craft at home and enjoy the same great coffee that they make for their community. Your contribution will help us build gear boxes at cost and deliver them to applicants across the country, making coffee equipment accessible to baristas who need it the most.

Know a marginalized barista who could benefit from this program? They can apply here!

Huge thanks to all the supporters of this program:
Department of Brewology
James Hoffman
Joshua Jones
Leon Luo
Matlock Hargrove
Never Better Coffee
Pause Coffee
Rabbit Hole Roasters
Rogue Wave Coffee Roasters
The Roasters Pack

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Anonymous (British Columbia, Canada)
So grateful!

This is the most amazing program. I feel inspired and reinvigorated about my home coffee game thanks to this generosity. Thank you so much if you’ve donated or are thinking about it for your contribution.

Mariah N. (Washington, United States)
Thank you!

Thanks to this program, I was able to finally complete my home pour-over set up. I had been gifted a v60 dripper and carafe over a year ago, but never used it because I didn’t have a grinder, kettle, or a digital scale. I always feel guilty spending money on myself when I have rent and bills to pay; with the kettle, scale, and world atlas of coffee taken care of by Getchu Some Gear, I was able to use the money I would have spent on those items on a refurbished baratza encore. Now I am able to practice my skills at home and hopefully progress in my coffee journey!

Anonymous (Alberta, Canada)
Thank you 8oz!

I loved all the gear I received from the Getchu Some Gear Program. I wanted a gooseneck kettle for so long, now I can practice my pour-overs at home. I can’t believe a program like this exists. Thank you!

Anonymous (British Columbia, Canada)

im sooo grateful to have gear at home to make quality coffee with! Though i’m no longer working full time at my cafe, i wont be missing out on my love of making coffee! Thanks again to the folks at Getchu Some Gear!!

Daikichi (British Columbia, Canada)
Thank you Eight ounce

There's not much disposable income I can direct to buy some great new year at the end of the day. This generous program from eight ounce really helped me get together a proper home setup to continue what I'm passionate about. Thank you.

Ash (Quebec, Canada)
The push I needed!

Ever since I received my box my life turned upside down with how busy school, work and volunteering has become. Getchu some gear has been a life saver for letting me make a quiet cup of coffee in my own home before the craziness of the day. I never would have been able to afford my own set up but it was my dream for years. They sent me everything I needed for my little home set up: a cupping spoon, a book on coffee education, coffee, a gooseneck kettle and a tea steeper! Now on the days I work I can actually enjoy my cup of coffee or tea in the morning without letting it get cold while running around and opening a cafe. And on my days off I am able to experiment and learn new things! Getchu some gear has gifted me peaceful mornings and has re sparked my love of coffee!

Customer (Ontario, Canada)

One I received from Getchu Some Gear Canada-The World Atlas of Coffee. I enjoy reading the book. I've been following James Hoffmann on Youtube for a long while. This book is pretty organized, functional, and an excellent read! From the plant to the cup.
Many Thanks, Getchu Some Gear Canada. I appreciate this program definitely can help lots of baristas.

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