HARIO TCA-3 Technica Syphon

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The HARIO TCA-3 Technica Syphon is the epitome of coffee theatre. Whether you want to impress your friends or just make a delicious cup of coffee in a stylish and elaborate way, this is the piece of brewing kit for you. Everything you need comes in the box, apart from the alcohol to fuel the included burner.

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    What could be better than a delicious cup of coffee? We're glad you asked. Add an open flame and apparatus that looks like it belongs in a chemistry lab that has Japanese letters on it, and that about does it for us.

    The HARIO Technica Syphon (or siphon, if you're so inclined) is the epitome of coffee theatre, and can produce stunning coffee. Whether you want to impress your friends or just make a delicious cup of coffee in a stylish and elaborate way, this is the piece of brewing kit for you. The syphon consists of a metal stand that holds a glass bulb, a glass chamber with a tube on the bottom that fits into the bulb and a cloth filter.

    There are several ways to use this lovely Japanese creation but whichever way you choose, the process works in the same way. This produces an exceptionally clean and flavourful beverage and, when used properly, it's hard to beat.

    Everything you need comes in the box, apart from the alcohol to fuel the included burner. Whilst the burner that is included works, it will make getting the best out of this brew method much more challenging and frustrating (this is the same with every syphon that you can buy). We recommend that if you aren't already the proud owner of a small butane burner, then you may wish to invest in one. We carry a great little burner that gives you plenty of control and more than enough consistent heat for all of your syphon needs.

    The TCA-3 has a capacity of 360ml but if you'd like something smaller, check out the HARIO TCA-2 Technica Syphon. Need a bigger brewer? Try the HARIO TCA-5 Technica Syphon.

    • Capacity: 360ml
    • Height: 33.3cm
    • Width: 9.5cm
    • Heatproof Glass Alcohol Burner, Upper Bowl and Lower Bowl
    • Stainless Steel Filter, Filter Assembly and Burner Cover
    • Aluminum Windbreak
    • Polypropylene Cover, Upper Bowl Stand, Alcohol Lamp Holder and Measuring Spoon
    • Silicone Gaskets
    • Stainless Steel, Iron and Zinc Alloy Stand with a Polypropylene Handle Cover and Brass Fastener
    • Made in Japan
  • HARIO Technica Syphon - User Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Louis-Daniel L. (Quebec, Canada)
Hario TCA-3 Siphon

Easy to use if you are familiar with the AeroPress method of preparing coffee. Spectacular to impress friends. Used it with DAK Velvet Peach. Excellent cup of coffee.

Jhon P. (Ontario, Canada)
Great assistance with order and shipping

My order was packaged in a perfect manner. protected and delivery was super fast. Great service.
Thank you 8oz

Dan (British Columbia, Canada)
A wonderful addition

Just received a Hario syphon for xmas, and am enjoying figuring out how to use it. The wick takes some adjusting, and I'm finding that is pretty key to getting it to work properly. Too hard a boil and grounds end up in the top beaker. I will def be ordering the separate burner recommended by eightounce so I can control the heat a little better.

Ana C.A.
I <3 my siphon

I love making coffee with my siphon brewer. It can look intimidating or complex if you're not familiar with it but brewing coffee with the siphon is actually pretty easy and the clean-up afterward is not bad either. The siphon results in brighter and fuller-bodied cups than what I get with my V60 pour over method and as such has become my go-to brewing method (when time permits). I took eightounce's suggestion and bought a separate burner to the one that comes with the siphon to have a bit more control over the heat applied and I'm happy I did. I usually just brew coffee for myself so this size is perfect for that, however there are times I have ppl over and offer to make them coffee on the siphon and for those times I wish I had gotten the next bigger option (TCA-5) as I could have adjusted the recipe to make single or multiple cups in one brew with the bigger one.

Aaron D.
Love my syphon

Just a quick note to say how much I'm enjoying my Hario syphon coffee maker!
It's such a beautiful piece of kitchen gear and everyone who sees it wants to know about it.
I love my weekend ritual of making my syphon coffee, such a clean, clean, coffee taste. Thank you Wes for taking the time to explain everything and offering some great advice.

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