HARIO V60 MUGEN Dripper Set (Plastic)

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Get the HARIO V60 MUGEN Dripper and Air Kettle together in this curated brewing kit! Kit includes; 1 x HARIO V60 MUGEN Dripper, 1 x HARIO V60 Air Drip Kettle, 1 x HARIO V60-02 White (40 Pack) filters, 1 x V60 Measuring Spoon (plastic).

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    Designed in collaboration with Tetsu Kasuya, the 2016 World Brewers Cup Champion, instead of the V60's spiral ribs, the HARIO MUGEN Dripper features star-shaped grooves, allowing paper filters stick to the dripper and coffee to flow downwards at a steady pace.

    The included holder may be used to hang up the MUGEN, or place it on your mug or server. It can also be removed in order to place only the dripper itself on a stand for brewing.

    The HARIO Air Kettle is a very versatile pouring kettle and has great pouring control, as good as its more expensive competitors. The lightweight design makes it easy to pour with, as well as being very packable for camping and travelling. With the kettle having volume markings, you can see how much water you need for your pourover.

    Part of the HARIO World Barista Collaboration collection.

  • Kit includes:
  • Hario V60 MUGEN Dripper - User Manual

V60 moogen mugin kasuya tetsu kalita hari hair hairo slow dripper gabi tricolate melodrip

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jeffrey C. (British Columbia, Canada)
Great Kit for Home and Office

Having used this V60 Mugen kit with the Air Kettle for over a year, I highly recommend it. It's small size and portability is great for using in Home and Office. As the whole lot is plastic it is quite durable for traveling. The air kettle might seem odd at first, but it is quite easy to make a uniform pour. The new and different flow design makes a good cup of pour over much faster and easier.

Gaige M. (Alberta, Canada)
A new take on the V60

I picked this kit up to serve as my little travel set up and I have absolutely loved it. Everything feels well made and durable, so I have no worries about things breaking when thrown into a suitcase. I have found the dripper itself to be very easy to use, and cups have been tasty when following the recommended single pour technique. The air kettle has a very nice spout that allows for more control of the water stream in comparison to a standard kettle you'd find in like a hotel. Not a fan of volumetric measurements, so the scoop will most likely go unused.

Mike (Alberta, Canada)
Nice little kit!

In addition to delving into the V60 world of coffee brewing, this little kit makes for a nice, lightweight, unbreakable coffee travel kit.

The “air kettle” is a little…errr…non-kettle-ish, but it functions well when left with a less than optimal kettle option.

And in addition to using it on its own, the plastic V60 vessel can be swapped out for the glass vessel on the Switch, for the best of all worlds - immersion/drip combo possibilities, with a plastic vessel that resists heat transfer.

And with the included filters and scoop, all in all, this makes for a nice V60 deluxe option that is both highly functional, and very inexpensive.

Louis (Ontario, Canada)
Great beginners set

Well-built, easy to use, and hassle-free. I ordered a decanter/server as well but realized that the filter size should fit most mugs.

Kim N. (Manitoba, Canada)
Terrific set

I don't have a pour over kettle at home. I thought I would try this instead of investing in a kettle. It works really well. The Hario Mugen Air kettle replicates the pour over kettle spout quite well. The Mugen dripper is really fuss free as you don't need to do a bloom. Just pour in the 300 g of water and give it a stir with a chopstick and wait 2 mins. Voila! Coffee is so good.

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