HARIO V60-02 SWITCH Immersion Dripper (200ml/6.76oz) (Glass)

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Simplify the brewing process by eliminating the drawdown until you're ready. Simply place a filter and coffee into the dripper, then fill with hot water. When your desired steep time has been reached, just press the switch, which releases the freshly brewed coffee into your cup. Perfect extraction, simplified.

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    The SWITCH immersion dripper simplifies the V60 brewing process by eliminating the drawdown until you're ready so you get as much extraction as you want.

    Simply place a V60-02 size paper filter and ground coffee into the glass dripper, then gently fill with fresh hot water. Then, when your desired steep time has been reached, just press the switch on the base, which releases the freshly brewed coffee into your cup. Perfect extraction, simplified.

    • Capacity: 200ml (6.76oz)
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • Heatproof Glass Dripper
    • Stainless Steel Ball and Filter
    • PCT Resin Switch
    • Silicone Rubber Base
    • AS Resin Lid
    • All Parts Made in Japan
    • Includes 40 V60-02 filters
  • HARIO V60-02 SWITCH Immersion Dripper (200ml/6.76oz) - User Manual

hari hair hairo cha chai sencha clever dripper

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
A. (Ontario, Canada)
Daily brewer

This is my single cup daily driver when I am in a rush to focus on making a v60, gives same results with more room for mistakes and inaccuracy :)

One design flaw is that the cup is quite small, so I usually go for 250/12gram coffee brew. Had a few cases of accidents, but you will get used to it.

M. (Alberta, Canada)
Amazing pour-over/immersion brewer

Exceptional quality pour-over/immersion brewer. Offers a lot of freedom to play with recipes and combines immersion and pour over brewing methods.

S. (British Columbia, Canada)
Hario quality as always

I've been a long fan of Hario V60s and when I saw this on sale I thought I'd buy it to try a full immersion dripper. Compared to the clever dripper I saw online, what I like about this is that you can use it to do an array of pouring techniques with the switch mechanism. It's become my daily driver!

Arash (British Columbia, Canada)
Not a new concept but a decent well-built dripper

I think Clever was the first stop and release dripper ever made and Hario just copies the idea in Switch. I really love the glass and how the valve functions. However, if you want to use it in fully immersion method its capacity is limited to just one cup.

Sabrina L. (British Columbia, Canada)
Immersion / V60 in one!

I've used this for quite some time now! I love the versatility of it! You can you it to make different types of coffee: full immersion, hybrid method, and just as a regular V60. This gives me the control and option to change up the coffee I'm having in the morning. As a V60, most people recommend just leaving the switch open, but I found that the flow is a bit slow.. If you take the metal ball out in the middle, it'll flow way better, just like a glass V60 with a base :)

Jee (Ontario, Canada)
It works!

Made about 30 cups of coffee so far. Never failed to make good coffee with it. The filer that comes with it makes coffee tastes bitter. I bought a bamboo paper filter which brings flavour out more and tastes better.

Troy A. (Alberta, Canada)
Love it

Makes the hario into a solid consistent brewing device instead of a finicky inconsistent one. Skip the conventional hario and get this

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