KALITA Wave Stainless Steel Dripper

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Used in top specialty cafes and professional competitions, this stainless steel dripper is durable and dishwasher safe. With its flat-bottom and controlled flow rate, it achieves a consistent and evenly extracted brew, with a sweet, yet complex flavour. Available in 155 (1-2 cups) and 185 (1-4 cups) sizes.

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    The Kalita Wave is one of the finest Japanese pour over brewers available. Due to its flat bottom design, and controlled flow rate - due to to three small holes in the bottom of the brewer - you can expect a more consistent brew every time. The Wave filters also encourage consistency of brew by reducing contact with the side of the brewer, maintaining more temperature stability.

    Found in top specialty cafes and used in professional competitions, the Kalita Wave allows you to brew your favourite coffee with fuller flavor and a more balanced extraction.

    • Stainless steel
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Wave 155 suitable for brewing 1-2 cups and uses Kalita Wave 155 filters
    • Wave 185 suitable for brewing 1-4 cups and uses Kalita Wave 185 filters
    • Size:
      • Wave 155: 105 × 105 × 57mm
      • Wave 185: 115 × 115 × 66mm
    • Weight:
      • Wave 155: 82g
      • Wave 185: 160g
    • Made in Japan
    1. Place a filter in the dripper
    2. Pre-wet the filter and discard the water
    3. Add your freshly ground coffee and start brewing

    Brew with the time-tested quality and consistency of a Kalita Wave. Equal parts function and form.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Russ (Alberta, Canada)
Love this little brewer

I’ve come to love the Kalita Wave 185. Paired up with a Fellow Ode Gen 2, it brews magic. I like how consistently I can make great coffee with this setup. I come from using a V60, which is another classic brewer. I find however the flow restriction of the Wave makes for a much more forgiving brewer compared to the V60. I have both the 185 for brewing two cups and the 155 for brewing a single cup.

Thomas M. (Ontario, Canada)
Kalita 155

I love this little dripper. It’s the perfect fit for a solo pour over, on the trail or in my kitchen

Andrea H. (Quebec, Canada)
Great little dripper!

It took me some time to come to love the Kalita Wave. I have the 155 and sadly it's hard to find paper filters for it these days. I think I had to get used to brewing with this dripper as I had used only ceramic drippers beforehand. After giving it a chance I love using it. This dripper reminds me of when I visited Japan and I stayed with a woman in her home and she hand made me a Kalita Wave coffee in the morning. Kalita is quite popular in Japan, as far as I could see it was the most popular dripper in cafés. Tip: to pre wet your filter, pour some hot water into the bottom of your filter paper and the water will soak up the sides of the filter, thus avoiding the dreaded filter collapse.

Kim (Ontario, Canada)
Pleasure to use

I’ve been brewing with the Kalita Wave for the past few days now and I love the results. The flavour is clean and full bodied. It’s a pleasure to use and will most likely become my daily driver. Fast shipping from Eight Ounce Coffee as well.

Sue P. (British Columbia, Canada)
Beautiful round coffee

This may be the best way to make a cup of coffee! The flavour is much more round and full compared to other pour-overs I've tried. It has ruined me for coffee made any other way. Beautiful.


Packaged nicely

Thomas E. (British Columbia, Canada)


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