KRUVE PROPEL Espresso Glasses (2-Pack)

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    Each 2.5oz (75ml) PROPEL espresso glass is uniquely hand-blown and purposefully designed to give you the best tasting single or double shot. The double-walled construction ensures the glass is cool to the touch, while keeping coffee temperature just right. It also features a robust amount of headspace to help capture and circulate the rich aroma.

    Due to espresso’s oily nature, it can easily stratify and separate into different tasting layers. However, thanks to three internal fins and a convex-shaped bottom, when swirled in the hand, the PROPEL glass will agitate the coffee and de-stratify the various layers, providing a consistent and balanced flavor in every sip.

    • PROPEL Glass Set includes two (2) PROPEL Glasses
    • Capacity: 2.5oz (75ml)
    • Height: 3.1in (80mm)
    • Width: 3.1in (80mm)
      • Balanced flavour
      • Enhanced aroma
      • Hand-blown borosilicate glass
      • Double-to-single-wall for improve mouthfeel
      • Insulated glass
      • Keeps coffee warm, while cool to the touch
      • Dishwasher Safe
  • KRUVE EQ Sensory Guide

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Don J.J.C. (New Brunswick, Canada)
A Perfect Product, Pleasurable to Hold, a Wonderful Coffee Sipper, Except I Have a Problem....

Monday, January 22, 2024

For several years I have been yearning for a coffee vessel that I could use as my early morning coffee sipper. I have purchased and tried a variety of coffee vessels marketed by various brands but none quite felt like they were made for me. It was sometime later, late 2023 to be specific that I came across on the Eight Ounce Coffee web site a glass coffee vessel that stood out, it was called the Kruve Propel expresso glass. Now I am not an espresso drinker but once I read the description about this product I knew I had to give it a try. The key words and phrases in the item description that stood out to me were, hand-blown, doubled-walled construction, hot, yet cool to touch.

When I viewed the accompanying images I was provided with useful glass dimensions and I saw another plus, that was the container (inner bowl) volume, 2.5 oz, almost the exact volume I have been using as my morning coffee sips.

However, there was only one thing that I was concerned about, and this was that the Kruve Propel glass looked fragile. For some unfathomable reason, I have a tendency to accidentally knock things over, so I pondered what if I purchased this Kruve Propel Glass, would bad luck strike me and there goes my new coffee sipper?

I decided to make the purchase and upon receipt of the Kruve product I was overjoyed by the quality of the glass, not thin, fragile glass, but sturdy glass. The design and size was perfect and yes the inner container bowl held the perfect for me, volume, 2.5 oz. or 75 ml.

I have been using this Kruve Propel glass every morning since December 3, 2023 and enjoying the feel of the glass and the warmth of the coffee contents. Has bad luck (klutzifobia) struck me yet, sad to say yes, not once but twice! The first time I accidentally knocked the Kruve Propel off a small table, 20 inches high and the glass tumbled onto a cement floor much to my horror. Upon opening my eyes I was shocked to see that the Kruve Propel glass was intact, not a scratch, not a chip, totally intact and ready for my next coffee sip.

The second time, today, I was less fortunate. Same scenario as my first mishap, with my arms flailing about my Kruve Propel went flying off the table again, same table, same height, same floor but this time the thrust and trajectory resulted in my poor morning sipper meeting its match, the cement floor. Upon surveying the floor area I immediately wondered where is all the shattered glass, there was some, but no appreciable amount and once I found the largest piece, the shape of the glass was still there, pieces missing of course, however the inner bowl was totally intact, amazing! Is it useable, of course not, but I will definitely keep this Kruve Propel vessel as a reminder of the many good coffee sips I had. My next move, reorder one immediately!

Do I recommend this product, most definitely whether or not you have klutzifobia like me or not, the Kruve Propel is a high quality product and you will enjoy the pleasure it gives you but be mindful, the inner bowl holds a small quantity, a perfect 75 ml just what I like, you decided.

Patryk P. (British Columbia, Canada)
Fantastic double walled espresso glasses!

I absolutely love the way these look. Great glasses and amazing quality. I would highly recommend them!

Corrie (Alberta, Canada)
Must have

I understand now why so many people love these. Easy to drink from with the single wall upper portion.

Richard P. (Alberta, Canada)
The best espresso glasses

Simply, the best best espresso glasses I’ve seen. Like any double wall glass, they keep what’s inside hot while the outside remains room temperature. However, the upper part being single wall, they are easy and comfortable to drink from. The shape is perfect for swirling, and the ridges inside the glass do a great job at mixing the liquid. The shape also allows you to fully enjoy the aroma of your espresso. Lastly, they are truly beautiful.

J. (Alberta, Canada)
Must have espresso cups

This set of espresso cups enhances aroma of your precious espresso! It’s truly a must have!

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