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Bringing competition-level coffee quality to home brewers. The KRUVE Sifter removes both fines and boulders, to perfect the flavour profile every time you brew. With two tiers and 15 GRIND sieves, the KRUVE Sifter PLUS - Grind model enables the precision you need, regardless of the brew method or grinder you use.

Colour: Silver
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    The Kruve Sifter perfects the grind, bringing competition-level coffee quality to home brewers. One quick shake is all it takes! The KRUVE Sifter removes both the fines (small coffee particles) and boulders (large coffee particles), leaving you with the perfect flavour profile every single time you brew. The science is the same as a perfectly cooked meal; you must chop your ingredients into equal sizes. A mix of sizes means the larger pieces will be under-cooked and the smaller pieces will be over-cooked or burnt. Your coffee grind is no different.

    With two tiers and 15 interchangeable GRIND sieves, the PLUS - Grind model enables the precision you need, regardless of the brew method or grinder you use.

  • The KRUVE Sifter PLUS - Grind model includes:
    • KRUVE Anodized aluminum Sifter body with lid
    • 15 GRIND Sieves (Sizes: 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200, 1300, 1400, 1500, and 1600μm) (Tolerance: +/- 20μm)
    • 15 slot aluminum Sieve holder
    • BONUS stainless steel BREWLER
    • Available in Silver or Black with bamboo lid
  • KRUVE Grind Size Reference Chart

shimmy sieve seive sifter sift kroove kruv groove bolder finz coffee grind consistent consistant

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Anonymous (Alberta, Canada)
Perfect to filter out fines for French Press

Works great filtering out fines for less biterness while using a French Press.
I like it!

Joel (Quebec, Canada)
good but not perfect

great item to have a constant grind size, but seating the filters is a bit rough. once they're in it's great but having to take the filters apart to wash them and re-install them is a bit tedious.

Zac (British Columbia, Canada)
A good implement

I want to love these , I really do... But for now, I just "Like" them. I use them often, and they help make amazing coffee. They are a good diagnostic tool as well, but they're just not suited to a daily routine. They do their job very well, obviously, but they're not that fun to use. Seating the filters is really tedious, and the different layers need to be held in place as you sift. Then you have to take the filters out to clean them, which means you have to deal with the challenge of putting them in again. The layers are metal on metal, which gives me goosebumps, but I guess I'm just a sensitive guy. One thing that drove me absolutely bonkers, is they tape that Kruve used to package the filters... It left sticky residue directly on half of the filters. It takes a lot of effort to get off. I didn't quite want to use goo gone in case it ruined the thin plastic lining, or made it smell like chemicals, so I used some olive oil. There are still a few filters that I can't use because I haven't taken the sticky stuff off of them yet. Although I gave a 4 star review, that's solely based on the product, in it's sealed state. I must emphasize that the service from Eight Ounce Coffee is top notch, and the shipping was very fast. It's wasn't them who put the tape on the filters after all, haha. This is still a very worthy implement for any serious coffee enthusiast's setup, but I look forward to a future iteration...

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