TIMEMORE Icicle Cold Brewer

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The Timemore Icicle cold brewer is the most recent addition to our collection of cold brewers. With its quality borosilicate and silicon parts, it has a lightweight of 370 grams and a capacity of 600ml. Its leakproof seal is state-of-the-art, holding in every drop.

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    The Icicle Cold Brewer is a great addition to our collection of cold brewers. With its high-quality borosilicate and silicon parts, it has a light weight of 370 grams and a capacity of 600ml, which is the perfect size for two people, if you ask us. Its leakproof seal is state-of-the-art, holding in every drop of precious coffee and it also allows 360˚ pouring with no dripping. The carafe has a matte feel and is coated in a delicate blanket of frosted white making it easy to grip, and beautiful to look at.

    Apart from just looking good, the Timemore Icicle cold brewer does a great job, too. The filter is longer than we've seen before - in fact, it reaches the bottom of the carafe, offering a more even extraction. You only need 30g of coffee to brew, and since it has a leakproof seal, you can store it on its side in the fridge.

    • Materials: PP, Silicon, Borosilicate Glass, Stainless Steel, Nylon
    • Weight: 370g
    • Capacity: 600ml
    • Made in China
  • Use 30g of medium-coarse ground coffee. Put the coffee directly into the filter, fill the carafe with cold filtered water (use the markings to fill to the desired level), and store in the fridge. Your refreshing cold brew coffee will be ready overnight. Cold brew coffee can be stored in the fridge up to 4 days.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
a. (British Columbia, Canada)
Love It.

I love the sleek design and everything about this cold brew brewer. I have always been a loyal Timemore customer.
Maybe it can come in various sizes for batch brewing!

Eray K. (Ontario, Canada)
One minor gripe

Overall, it's well designed and manufactured. My only little gripe with it (other than the capacity not being too generous) is the small opening of the filter. It can be hard to get all your ground coffee in without making a bit of a mess. Other than that, it looks and works great.

Dylan (Ontario, Canada)
Easy to use, and well designed

The instructions were straightforward, and the cold brew it made was delicious. The narrowness of the filter makes it a bit difficult to clean, but not too bad. The lid had a good seal. I found the size okay for one cup, but if you were serving multiple people this would not be enough.

Aesthetically, this brewer is absolutely beautiful. I typically prefer black as a colour, but I cannot complain in this case. It looks great with coffee in it.

jonathan a. (British Columbia, Canada)
cold brew beauty

fantastic, simple and beautiful to look at, only regret is that it is too small. would not have thought that until after i first used it and realized i wanted more of the iced nectar of the gods.

Cindy (Ontario, Canada)

This made a delicious, smooth cold brew. I found the filter easy to clean and the carafe is beautiful to serve from. Very happy with this and delivery was quick!

Leon C. (British Columbia, Canada)
A bit small

Looks great, the filter and everything works well but as others have said I just hope it’s bigger.

It's a beauty!

Could be bigger, but otherwise excellent!

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