WEBER WORKSHOPS (EPF) Espresso Paper Filter (100-Pack)

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Weber Workshops teamed up with Cafec in Japan, the leading producer of high-end coffee paper filters, to bring the first-of-its-kind, exclusive, paper filter made specifically for espresso! Reduce clogging of the portafilter basket holes, thereby facilitating a more even extraction.

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    Weber Workshops teamed up with Cafec in Japan, the leading producer of high-end coffee paper filters, to bring the first-of-its-kind, exclusive, paper filter made specifically for espresso!

    Why a paper filter?
    Paper filters under the coffee puck reduce clogging of the portafilter/unifilter basket holes, thereby facilitating a more even extraction. It also prevents higher flow right at the basket holes, allowing more even water flow throughout the puck, especially in the bottom section. This enables the use of a finer grind, which increases extraction yield while keeping shot times the same. It does introduce an extra step, but the effort is rewarded with a perceptibly improved shot of espresso.

    About the paper
    In the paper creation process, the roller and the dryer drum operate at different speeds, yielding two different textures on either side of the paper. The smooth size goes against the coffee, and the rough side (the "crepe") faces down for smooth liquid exit to the pores of the portafilter. It's engineered to evolve your espresso game and improve your day-to-day experience!

    • Made in Japan with premium coffee filter paper produced by the wet crepe method.
    • Precision cut to fit the bottom of your portafilter perfectly.
    • Available in both 55mm (for standard 58mm and VST baskets) and in 58mm (for Unifilter or Unibasket) sizes.
    • 0.15mm thickness
    • 100 filters per pack
  • Place an EPF filter, rough side down, in the portafilter basket prior to adding ground coffee and tamping.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
A.D. (Manitoba, Canada)

These fit perfectly in the VST baskets

EF (New York, United States)
Great filters

Perfect size for 58mm basket.

Manuel (Alberta, Canada)
Worth a try

These are great quality and provide a bit more clarity to your espresso. Nice to experiment with to compare with a non-filtered shot!

Zac (British Columbia, Canada)
Night and day difference

I was a little skeptical about adding yet another step to my puck preparation, but I have no regrets. I've been getting really amazing shots with less spray and more consistent drawdown times. I also find that I can grind finer with these and get the same drawdown time. This is likely because none of the holes get plugged. The result is likely a higher extraction, Yay!

I use the 55mm in the bottom of a VST basket, and it fits perfectly.

J Y. (British Columbia, Canada)
Good quality, good fit

These paper filters work well for standard 58mm on top of the puck, and fit well as bottom papers on the newer straight-walled baskets, including the Weber Unibasket and SWorks Billet basket.

Nicholas M. (Ontario, Canada)
Great value

These papers are awesome. Not only do they help with clean up but they also help increase extraction. I enjoy that now I can grind finer, improving the extraction, without choking the shot. Excellent product.

Francisco N. (British Columbia, Canada)
Weber Workshops engineered filter paper

This is the only paper filter I'll ever use with my E61 portafilter. What separates this from others, or making my own, is the craftsmanship of the paper-making process itself: The sides are different, and their function determines the coffee distribution and final channelling through the basket. I'm delighted Eight Ounce Coffee distributes Weber Workshops' products. Otherwise, the shipping expenses from their warehouse in Taiwan limit accessibility to their accessories. <3

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