Toddy Coffee Cocktails with Eight Ounce and Friends!

Toddy Coffee Cocktails with Eight Ounce and Friends!
Primera Ng

We've teamed up with three top-notch Calgary baristas to each bring us a signature drink made with the Toddy Cold Brew system—thinking beyond just making a cold brew—and the results have been super delicious! Here they are in their own words.

  • April Wilcocks - Barista & Media for Monogram Coffee
  • Karine Ng - Quality Director of Phil & Sebastian Coffee - 3rd in 2018 Canadian Barista Championship
  • Cole Torode - Co-founder of Rosso Coffee - 2018 Canadian Barista Champion & 5th in 2018 World Barista Championship


April Wilcocks — Spiced Plum Sour

Monogram Coffee Hambela Washed, from Buku, Ethiopia. 

1oz cold brew
1oz whisky
1oz lemon juice
1.5oz plum syrup
1 egg white

Combine all ingredient into shaker with ice, and shake until outside of shaker is VERY cold. Strain into glass. Adjust sweetness by adding more plum syrup.

To make plum syrup
Cook 1.5 cups of red plums with 1.5 cups of water. Simmer for 15min. Blend until very smooth, add back into pot with 1 cinnamon stick and a tsp of cloves (full cloves, not ground). Add more water if needed, cook on low for 15min, checking often (you may need to add a little more water). Removed cinnamon stick and cloves, and add 1 cup white sugar, stir. Let cool before using in drink, keeps in fridge for a week.

To make cold brew 
Use 14 parts water to 1 part coarsely ground coffee. Put coffee in paper filter, in Toddy. Add water, stir, and put in your fridge for 15 hours. After, drain cold brew into container.



Karine Ng — Hot Toddy Toddy


I thought it would be nice to expand on the general idea of using Toddy only in the Summer. So I decided to make a drink very fitting for the long winters here in Calgary… a Hot Toddy. Inspired by this ultimate cozy, feel good winter remedy, this is Hot Toddy Toddy, lol.

Phil & Sebastian Nensebo Genene, from West Arsi, Ethiopia - apricot, blackberry, some floral notes.

1 part coffee concentrate
1.5 part lemon ginger spiced tea
1.5 part Brandy Umeboshi - Japanese apricot-plum soaked wine with brandy. It’s sweet, complex, aromatic - and pairs well with the flavour of this coffee.
Grapefruit expression for aroma - a citrus fruit with some floral quality. 

Lemon ginger tea bag (2x)
Mulling spices + dehydrated orange peels (12g)
Water (200g)
Steep time: +5 mins (Suggestion: steep big batch over night for fuller extraction of spices. Then re-heat before use)

Coffee concentrate
Toddy recipe with paper filter: 4.5:1 water to coffee

Once all water is added, let sit for a minute, and scoop out the oil x CO2 layer that forms on top of the coffee. This will help lower extraction of these bitter components in the coffee. Steep at room temp for 24 hours 


Cole Torode — Cold Brew Gin & Tonic

Rosso Coffee Roasters Zoila Teresa Aguilar, from Huehuetenango, Guatemala

3 oz. of Eau Claire Tonic
2 oz. of Cold Brew
1 oz. of Eau Claire Cherry Gin

I brewed 200g of coffee, coarse grind, with 1000g of water (5:1) for the concentrate. Combine ingredients and serve on top of a large ice sphere.

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