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    From April Coffee Roasters of Copenhagen, Denmark, comes the plastic April Pour-Over Brewer. A new and innovative pour-over brewer that's easy to use and allows everyone to brew better-tasting coffee. Created to keep up with the modern progression of coffee roasting, it's designed to allow you to extract the most out of your coffee, focusing on balance and sweetness at all temperatures.

    A unique flat bottom structure regulates the flow rate to produce a consistently sweet and balanced taste experience.

    Paper Filters sold separately - We recommend April Paper Filters or Kalita Wave 185 Filter

    • Polycarbonate pourover dripper
    • Plastic holder ring with pressure-control vents

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ronald G. (Ontario, Canada)
I like the plastic brewer , my porcelain one has a crack

Great delivery and ordering service. Like the web site to shop

Gaige M. (Alberta, Canada)
First Dripper from April

I've come to love using this dripper on a daily basis. Heat management during brews has been great, especially compared to the metal V60 I was using prior. It has a bit of a learning curve to it as it was really designed with the designers recipe in mind when brewing. After watching a video or two on how April recommends brewing with this dripper, I have had some of the best cups of coffee I've made. While it is plastic, I find the build to be solid and seems like it will hold up in the long run. Only gripe I have is that some cups/carafes with wider diameters aren't compatible, as the fins on the brewer aren't very long.

J.D. (Ontario, Canada)
April Plastic Brewer

Good one for light roast beans, please give a try!!! love it!

Dan (Ontario, Canada)
The only brewer I use.

I started with the April Glass Dripper and recently purchased the April Plastic Dripper. I enjoyed the glass dripper, but I do find that I enjoy the cups coming from the plastic dripper more. It looks like an unassuming dripper, but in reality this dripper is anything but. The April Dripper doesn't follow the rules of other drippers, it isn't intended to be tapped, swirled or stirred. April crafted an intuitive two pour structure specifically for their brewer, and because it's made by April, this brewer is intended for Nordic Roasts which means more developed roasts will flow faster through this brewer. I brew both Nordic roasts, as well as, more developed roasts with ease, albeit with finer grinds and higher water temps. The clarity I get out of this dripper makes it truly a joy to use.

Dale C. (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Pricey but...

This flat bottom dripper is a bit more forgving to errors in your brewing errors than say a V60. But the price??

Joseph C. (British Columbia, Canada)
Lives up to the Hype!

I have a lot of experience with multiple pourover brew methods--V60, Kalita Wave, and the Chemex especially--and this one is, by far, my favourite. It has become my daily driver. I find it incredibly consistent and, in terms of the coffee brewed, I do find it makes a more balanced cup than others. I also find that it works well for a wide variety of coffees from different regions.

Whereas I find a V60 often highlights acidity, for example, the April Brewer often brings out more sweet notes and makes the acidity more pleasant. And whereas the Kalita Wave can suffer from clogging, the April Brewer definitively does not.

On top of it, it is cute. The aesthetics of it just add to the experience.

Randy R. (New Brunswick, Canada)
Very Easy to Use Single Person Dripper

This flat bottom dripper is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a light (portable if needed) option. I have a V-60 and wanted to try out a flat bottom dripper. People tend to mod their Kalitta Waves with mesh or something on the bottom, so it's nice that this has good flow and better heat retention out of the box. The April coffee brewing recipes are interesting to play with, but it can be used with any sort of recipe it seems.

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