HARIO V60-02 Insulated Stainless Steel Server (550ml/18.5oz)

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HARIO has introduced an insulated stainless steel coffee server with a super sleek modern design. This 550ml, vacuum sealed, double wall beauty will allow you to serve, and enjoy, your favourite coffee for longer.

Colour: White
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  • Description
  • Specs
  • Method

    This double walled, vacuum-sealed beauty, with a sleek, modern design, maintains the temperature of your coffee, so you can serve and enjoy for longer.

    Brew your favourite HARIO V60 coffee right into the server for great convenience and ease of use.

    • SIZE/CAPACITY: W161 × D127 × H142mm x 550ml
    • WEIGHT (INCL. INDIVIDUAL BOX): Approx. 600g
      • Body: Stainless Steel
      • Lid, Spout, Handle: Polypropylene
      • Lever: ABS
      • Packing: Silicone rubber
    • Made in China
  • HARIO V60 Insulated Stainless Steel Server - User Guide

    Cleaning the Server's Exterior:

    • Soak a soft cloth in water with dish detergent
    • Wring out the cloth firmly
    • Wipe off any stains
    • Dry with a soft cloth
    • Do not use steel scrub brushes, etc.

    Cleaning the Lid:

    • Remove the seal
    • Wash the lid with a soft sponge that has soaked in hot water with dish detergent
    • Rinse thoroughly in clean water until no detergent remains
    • Dry with a soft cloth

    Cleaning the Server's Interior:

    • Wash with a long-handled sponge that has soaked in hot water with dish detergent
    • Rinse thoroughly in clean water until no detergent remains
    • Dry thoroughly
    • An odour may occur if a drink or residue remains inside for a prolonged period, if this occurs, clean with an enzyme-based bleach before rinsing thoroughly and allowing it to dry completely with the lid off

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Robert (Ontario, Canada)
great carafe with typical Hario attention to details

This is a great carafe. I love how they managed to have a screw-down lid that still lines up perfectly each time to the spout. It's simple but clever. At 550 ml, it's huge for one person and can do for two if you are not generous with the pours. It does it's job of keeping the coffee hot, the handle makes it easy to manage, and the spout is measured enough that you won't over-pour.

grayelf (British Columbia, Canada)
stylish carafe

The Hario V60-02 Insulated Stainless Steel Server was a great purchase. It keeps coffee hot, is easy to clean and looks cute. It also doesn't dribble. Pro tip: take the lid off for your final pourout as about a tablespoon of coffee stays in the bottom if you don't. Cannot waste the precious liquid!

Marianne (Quebec, Canada)
Really nice carafe!

Keeps coffee hot and looks nice.

RT (British Columbia, Canada)
Keeps coffee hot!

Does what it says. Keeps the coffee at whatever temperature you brew it at. Looks nice as well. Shipping was fast!

rds (Ontario, Canada)
works perfectly for my need

The red is as cheery as you'd hope, the stainless steel means I won't break it and the size is perfect as I try to reduce my coffee intake.

kelly (Ontario, Canada)

I’m so happy that I found a replacement for the glass Hario server. This stainless server keeps my coffee hot, it isn’t breakable like the glass and the spout works well too.

Edward B. (Alberta, Canada)
Handy Carafe

This carafe is an handy accessory just when you emptied your cup,[to the last drop]and feel you need another shot of the good stuff.

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