Ratio Thermal Carafe with Porcelain Dripper

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The Ratio Thermal Carafe with Porcelain Dripper combines elegant design, quality manufacturing, and ease of use. A dual wall insulated stainless steel carafe with finishes that match the Ratio Eight.

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  • The Ratio Thermal Carafe with Porcelain Dripper combines elegant design, quality manufacturing, and ease of use. A dual wall insulated stainless steel carafe with finishes that match the Ratio Eight make this set perfect for combining with the Ratio Eight for the premier automatic brewing experience or use as a standalone pour-over set.

    • Spout and handle: 304 stainless steel
    • 18/8 double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel Dewar Flask
    • Lid: FDA-approved food-grade silicone
    • Bottom: Engineered copolymer
    • 1200ml (40 oz) capacity
    • Dripper works with Chemex Filters or the Ratio Kone by Able
  • Place the dripper on top of the Ratio Thermal Carafe and use instead of the glass carafe in your Ratio Coffee Brewer or you can use a pourover kettle to brew manually like you would with a Chemex.

decanter ratio eight edition essential stainless steel double wall thermos

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Gerry P. (British Columbia, Canada)

From the first brew years back I’ve been delighted with my ratio 8
Having the thermal carafe and porcelain dropper has only improved the experience.

Kylee R.
From ratiocoffee.com

We absolutely love this addition to our ratio 8. Although I do feel for the price tag it should just come with one of these, I got mine for New year's sale and it was worth every penny.

Annie R.
From ratiocoffee.com

This is a nice hefty carafe. Husband and I do manual pour over drip coffee from a small filter cone with paper and fresh ground coffee, oftentimes direct into our cups. We wanted a thermal carafe to keep the extra pour over coffee warm or in the case that one person got up before the other, could make coffee for themselves and leave a cup to stay warm. This carafe keeps the coffee very warm for a pretty long time. Great if you are having guests to share with too. The only thing I might like is a window to see into the carafe to check the liquid level. We can use our plastic Melitta filter cone on this or the ceramic one that came with it. Expensive unit, but well worth it. I use this independent of an automatic coffee maker. Looks nice on the counter with our grinder and hot pot! Looked at it for a long time, glad I made the leap and spent up.

Cody B.
From ratiocoffee.com

The thermal carafe is definitely nice to have. The only downside is a full pot will fill it right to the brim so you have to be careful with it when full.

Victor M.
From ratiocoffee.com

Love everything about Ratio Eight. Products are functional and elegant.
Alchemy at its best.

David S.
From ratiocoffee.com

The pitcher is extremely well-built and is surprisingly heavy in a good way. The carafe keeps the coffee quite hot for a couple hours and pours well all the way until the last 10%, where it starts to miss the target cup somewhat... While that sounds bad, it is better than my pour accuracy challenged Technivorm carafe, and *much* better than the horrific carafe that came with my Behmor Brazen.

If there was any improvement I would recommend, it is to do a better color match with the more muted white color of the Ratio Eight. The super-bright white carafe is *much* brighter by contrast, making it stand out and look cheaper than the high quality product it actually is.

Michael P.
From ratiocoffee.com

Love it. I have brewed with the Ratio Flat bottom Carafe and the Ratio Glass Cone Carafe, and this one definitely out-performs both of those, the flow rate seem more reliable for all batch sizes (b/c of the V60-like ridges I'm guessing)

Seems to require a little bit of slurry agitation with a spoon for best extraction results, but all of the carafes require this... still a heck of alot easier than manual pour-over!

The only feature I with this had was the brew-collar that the Flat-Bottom Carafe has... B/c then I could increase the temp a bit and try to brew lighter roast coffees.

Thanks, you guys rock!
Mike P.

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