TIMEMORE Crystal Eye B75 Dripper (Plastic)

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Moulded from durable PCTG plastic, the unique design of the B75 dripper employs a flat bottom, and sides angled at 75 degrees to accelerate flow rate and ensure a stable coffee bed. Instead of a solid bottom, the B75 has 10 supporting ribs, coupled with 20 side grooves, allowing for a smoother flow of water.

Colour: Amber black
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    Timemore has created a fantastic, flat-bottomed, lightweight plastic version of the "Crystal Eye Dripper" called the B75.

    Moulded from durable and chemical-resistant PCTG plastic, the unique design of the dripper employs a flat bottom, and sides angled at 75 degrees to accelerate flow rate and ensure a stable coffee bed. Instead of a solid bottom, the B75 has 10 supporting ribs, which, when coupled with the 20 grooves in the sides of the dripper, allow for a smoother flow of water. This dripper will look oh so glamorous on your Instagram as the crystal light will be shining rainbows out of your phone screen.

    • Available in Clear and Amber Black colourways
    • Heat Resistant PCTG Plastic
    • Dimensions: 99x98x72mm (3.5x3.9x2.8in)
    • Materials: Tritan PCTG
  • Crystal Eye Dripper Recipe:

      1. Turn on Kettle. Set to 92°C (198°F)
      2. Weigh 15g of Coffee
      3. Grind Coffee between 20 and 25 on Baratza Encore
      4. Pre-wet Filter and Preheat Glass Carafe
      5. Discard Preheat Water From Carafe
      6. Add Ground Coffee to Filter. Shake Gently to Level the Coffee Bed
      7. Start Timer
      8. Pour 45g of Water for Bloom. Agitate Gently for 5-10 seconds
      9. When Timer Reaches 45 Seconds, Continue Pouring in a Controlled Circular Motion
      10. Finish Pouring When Scale Reads 245g
      11. Give Gentle Stir Around Edge of Dripper. Wait for Water to Completely Draw Down
      12. Enjoy!
  • Timemore Crystal Eye B75 Dripper (Plastic) - Product Brochure

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Mario G. (California, United States)
Great Brewer!

Durable, great heat retention and draw down times. Minimal if any clogging at finer grind sizes. Great flat bottom brewer, bright sweet cups with round body and acidity. Not as bright as April in my experience. Took some dialing in. Grind medium fine, similar to v60. Baratza Virtuoso setting 10. Recipe that gave me good cups is 20g dose/275g total. 75g bloom. 2x 100 pours.

David W. (Ontario, Canada)
Stylish, durable, easy to use

Being my first flat-bottom brewer, this has been a lot of fun to play around with. I'm not sure I've hit a "golden cup" with it yet, but the brews I've tasted have been really pleasant, and a nice complement to my V60. Very easy drinking. I found the filters that came with the dripper to be a little on the small side, but I've got an abundance of Kalita 185 filters, which work perfectly.

The overall design is very attractive (especially the amber black colourway, which I opted for) and the opening allows for very quick flow. The build quality—even though it's just a molded piece of plastic—is also really nice. Feels pretty premium when you handle it. The only real downside I can see is that you can't brew more than maybe a large single cup. I typically use 240 g of water, but haven't gone much higher. Despite this, I don't think it's necessarily a flaw—the B75 is just aimed more at single servings. Edit: I just used April Coffee's recipe for 500 g and it worked way better than I thought it would. You can definitely brew more than one cup with the B75!

Speaking of brewing, there's not a lot out there for brew techniques with the B75 specifically, so I've been looking towards April Coffee's guides for the April Brewer and have had success. I'm sure you can't compare the April Brewer to this 1:1, but those brew guides have been working well for me.

I'm really happy with this brewer, and I'm excited to keep experimenting with it!

Karl S. (Michigan, United States)
Excellent brewer

This is an amazing brewer. Yes it’s small, almost comical. But the flavor you get it huge. Easily can hold 20+grams of coffee. It was easier to order from eight ounce coffee than over seas, and they shipped fast.

LLC (British Columbia, Canada)
Very durable

Really loving experimenting with the B75 dripper and the coffee coming out to be very consistent, have not experienced any clogs so far. The plastic is thick and doesn't feel like it'll crack even after dropping.

james P. (Ontario, Canada)
Great flatbottom dripper

Loving the B75. Flows a bit slower than I was expecting (15-30 seconds longer than V60 for the same grind size) but getting sweeter/rounder and more consistent cups compared to my V60 and never worry about clogging

Ben (Ontario, Canada)
Small but mighty

I hear good things about this, I'm not experienced enough with pour overs to say how it is just yet compared to the conical shaped Crystal Eye.
It feels pretty heavy duty and solid / quality plastic. Apparently plastic is best for thermal stability, and doesn't need preheating vs a heavy ceramic pour over device. Metal I feel would dissipate heat quickly. A thin double-Walled glass brewer might also be a good option, but that would be more $$$ also more fragile.

Apparently flat bottom brewers are a little less forgiving of technique so you need to have good pours from what I hear. But has a higher potential!?

It's a bit smaller than I thought harder to pour into precisely with a non gooseneck kettle (gotta get one of those for an ultimate pour over!). I think due to it's smaller size it works better for a recipe with a few smaller pours rather than doing blooming and then one big main pour which is what I attempted at first, with coffee 18g in! As I approached the top of the filter and almost overflowed, I realized it's too much too fast :D That's my first time brewing with it though.
Seems like a similar capacity to the smaller sized conical Crystal Eye.
One weird thing is the TINT level on this is much darker than the tinted Chrystal eye conical one, why not have them match!? I actually prefer the less dark look of the other one, this one's almost opaque black. But that's what I expected since the photos of the products DO show that, not really a surprise.

Comes with a few sample filters which is nice. I have some Kalita filters as well which seem to fit perfectly as well. The filters seem to fit in place nicely, easier to get the filters sitting nice against the walls than with the conical shaped brewers I find. On this it barely touches the walls it seems.

F.V. (Alberta, Canada)
Quick flat brewer

Great little brewer, can use Kalita 155 filter and it is faster other brewers. You can get tasty coffee in about 2:30 min

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