TIMEMORE Crystal Eye Brewer Set

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The TIMEMORE Crystal Eye Brewer Set has everything you need to begin producing perfect pour-over coffee at home and includes a glass Crystal Eye dripper and a matching glass decanter. Available in two sizes.

Colour: Black
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    If you want to improve your manual brew game, or know someone who does, then the TIMEMORE Crystal Eye Brewer Set may just be the perfect solution. This great value, boxed kit has everything you need to begin producing perfect pour-over coffee at home and includes a glass Crystal Eye dripper and a matching glass decanter. The unique design of the dripper makes it easier to get a better extraction while observing how your coffee is brewing and the clean lines and clear glass of the decanter will showcase your freshly brewed coffee.

    • Available in two sizes:
      • 01 dripper / 360 ml (12 oz) decanter
      • 02 dripper / 600 ml (20 oz) decanter
    • Materials: PCTG, High Borosilicate Glass, Silicone
    • Compatible with V60-01 Filters
  • Crystal Eye Dripper Recipe:

    1. Turn on Kettle. Set to 92°C (198°F)
    2. Weigh 15g of Coffee
    3. Grind Coffee between 20 and 25 on Baratza Encore
    4. Pre-wet Filter and Preheat Glass Carafe
    5. Discard Preheat Water From Carafe
    6. Add Ground Coffee to Filter. Shake Gently to Level the Coffee Bed
    7. Start Timer
    8. Pour 50g of Water for Bloom. Agitate Gently for 5-10 seconds
    9. When Timer Reaches 45 Seconds, Continue Pouring in a Controlled Circular Motion
    10. Finish Pouring When Scale Reads 245g
    11. Give Gentle Stir Around Edge of Dripper. Wait for Water to Completely Draw Down
    12. Enjoy!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jason (British Columbia, Canada)
Love it

Great choice. This was my first dripper and I think I made a good choice. Comes with a few Timemore-branded v60 style white filters which I am currently using, and then I also purchased the matching size 2 hario v60 filters. Really nice glass carafe that this thing comes with, and the dripper itself is nice and heavy glass. I'm happy with my purchase.

Dalton R. (British Columbia, Canada)

Figured I would give this dripper set a review since I’ve used it several times now. As a note: I purchased the larger 02 size.

My standard recipe:
•25.88g to 415g (about 1-16)
•Melitta brown basket w/ 2 folds (my go to filter)
•Basic electric kettle (not gooseneck)
•Water temp: 96-100*C
•Average brew time: 3:30 final drips

When testing out the Timemore Crystal Eye dripper I experimented with a few different filters that unfortunately I didn’t generally like too much. I managed to figure out how to make a 10-12 cup Melitta brown basket filter fit nicely in this 02 Timemore dripper, with 2 small back to back folds. It might just be personal preference, but I seem to enjoy using Melitta brown basket filters over others.

The dripper seems to be consistent and very well designed as I always get an average brew time of 3:30 with my 45 second bloom (my preferred/aimed brew time).

Personally I love the fact that the Timemore dripper and decanter are both glass, it is a nice quality step-up from plastic. The dripper base although plastic, seems to be quite thick and sturdy. Only time will tell how long everything lasts as a whole.

All in all I am very happy with this purchase and I think the Timemore set is a very affordable way to get into quality pour-over coffee!

As a side note, Eight Ounce Coffee shipped next day after ordering, and it arrived the day after that. Bonus!

Thanks Eight Ounce Coffee crew, you guys rock! I’ll be sure to come back for all my coffee gear needs and I will be recommending you to all my friends and family!


Kevin (British Columbia, Canada)
Timemore Crystal Eye

The brewer set look nice and all but the heavy glass dripper broke within 3 days.

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