94 Celcius

94 Celcius - Elias & Shady Bayter: Experimental

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Tasting Notes: Green apple, White chocolate, Banana

Discover El Vergel's new "Mosto Processé or Genius Bourbon" coffee, a unique blend crafted by Elias and Shady Bayter using an innovative 84-hour fermentation process enriched with Gesha fermented coffee leachates. This method enhances the beans' natural flavors, creating a vibrant and complex profile. After fermentation, the beans are dried over 35 days, then rested in GrainPro bags for two months to mature the flavors. This meticulous process ensures a coffee experience that is rich, balanced, and exceptionally satisfying.

coffee bag size Quantity: 300g
coffee format Format: Roasted Whole Bean
coffee country of origin Origin: Colombia
coffee origin type Origin Type: Single Origin
coffee region Region: Tolima
coffee producer/farm Producer: Elias & Shady Bayter
coffee variety Variety: Red Bourbon
coffee farm altitude Altitude: 1550 meters
coffee process Process: Experimental
caffeine level Caffeine: Full Caffeine
coffee brew method Brew Method: Filter or Espresso
coffee roast levelRoast Level: Medium
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