Green Coffee - Finca San Javier: Washed, Colombia

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Apex (Coffee Imports) has been buying coffee from Javier's farm in a unique microclimate since 2016. The location's conditions result in a balanced flavour profile of sweet red fruit and creamy chocolate. It's a signature selection for Apex due to its improvement in quality.

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Apex Coffee Imports, a Canadian green coffee* importer, sources specialty coffees in a fair and equitable manner. Their focus is on fostering positive relationships between coffee producers and clients and highlighting the hard work of small family farms by supporting these producers year after year.

*Green coffee is the raw, unroasted form of coffee beans that must be roasted before consumption.

Origin: Colombia

Origin: Type: Single Origin

Region: Narino

Producer: Javier de la Rosa

Bag Size: 250g

Format: Green Coffee

Process: Washed

Caffeine: Full Caffeine

Variety: Castillo


The Kaffelogic Roast Profile for this coffee can be found here



Customer Reviews

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Greg B. (Alberta, Canada)

I have to say that I am very happy that you provide the Kaffelogic Roast Profile with your beans. This gives a very good starting off point for those that want to be experimental. Right now I am happy to just try out the different beans in an effort to find the ones that I will prefer. As I burn through the ones I have ( so to speak) I will defiantly be ordering more.

Thanks for your forward looking attitude.


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